This is Christoph

Young Professional in Humanitarian Action

Digital Rights Advocate

Long-distance Cyclist


My Story

Grown up in a small village in Germany's geographic center. Since then I have a zeal for carpentry and tinkering - but chose to study the Middle East and Mediterranean instead. Equipped with Modern Standard Arabic I left my Bachelor in 2015 and was much needed back home - a region ridden by unemployment and xenophobia. The regional Red Cross of Erfurt employed me in the many camps that were practically set up over night. First steps in humanitarian aid, first mistakes witnessed. With summer and winter spent in Calais, my mind kicked into problem-solving mode: too much was going wrong in the heart of Europe. So I started a MA in humanitarian action and project management. After three months with grassroots activists in Athens my mission sharpened more: the nexus between freedom of movement and digital rights should be my niche.

What keeps me Busy

Kyffäuser Kreistagswahl

Voters in regional elections have a hard time making a choice. Little is publicly known about the candidates. So you are stuck with either voting for your cousin or voting almost blindly. And that in an election that matters greatly to your life: the road you take to work, the bus you put your kid on, the forest you go for a run in. This web doc tries to be of help to these voters for district elections in the Kyffhäuserkreis in 2019.

Calais Grassroots

Few humanitarians made it Calais, much was left to grassroots activists and residents of the "Jungle". From July 2016 until the eviction in October 2016 grassroots enumerated their actions. Here are stats from the mobile distribution team - a powerful witness to grassroots professionalism. Written with bootstrap and D3.

Counting the Dead

For over 28 years people die in the Mediterranean - and little is done to prevent it. This document looks at those counting the dead - a highly political task in today's charged times. The counts and causes of deaths of INGOs and Grassroots actors vary greatly. Written in simple html5.

A regional capital of Germany.
Working with grassroots actors in Calais.
The cemetery of Menton, overlooking the Mediterranean graveyard.